2023-2024 Chair of the Board of Directors


2023-2024 Chair

It’s an honor to serve the members of the Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce this year as the Chair of the Board of Directors. I have been a longtime admirer of this Chamber of Commerce and the diverse business communities that it supports, including those in Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point, and Margate. Members already enjoy a wealth of opportunities to increase their involvement and visibility within the community. Now, I am eager to champion—if not help expand—the impressive programming that fosters member growth and long-term business-building.

This Chamber is on the threshold of many new and exciting developments, including vibrant additions like Wahoo Bay and The Pomp, the innovations district downtown, the bustling art and culture scene in the newly covered amphitheater, and the refurbished parks that welcome residents and visitors alike.

This community is truly on the move. And others are taking notice. New businesses and visitors are coming to offer fresh, exciting, and dynamic energy. Entrepreneurs offer tenacious support for our mission. Reinforced by these streams of vitality, we get to build on our existing strengths—together.

To Chamber members, I want to say that I admire your steady drive to move our economy forward. I recognize that everything we can hope to achieve in the year ahead is only possible through your involvement and active commitment to the Chamber. Your ideas, participation, receptiveness, and the collective history you bring – they are the pulse of our business community today and its drumbeat for tomorrow.

Throughout my term as Chair, I look forward to working with the entire membership to continue positively advancing the interests of businesses throughout the Greater Pompano Beach Area. Thank you for your entrepreneurship, leadership, and engagement.

Christine Madsen, Mad 4 Marketing