Mission Statement

“To promote business, enhance economic and community development
and serve as a beacon through fostering relationships.”

Vision Statement

“To improve the quality of life of the community.”

About The Chamber

The Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce is a business organization of over 700 business and professional people who have joined together for the purpose of promoting the civic, commercial and economic progress of the community. The Chamber is not only the VOICE of business; it is a way for our diverse membership to channel their energies into efforts from which the entire community benefits. The united efforts of many can accomplish much more than any single business.

The Chamber is also the defender of the free enterprise system, which is this nation’s way of life and the system that has brought the highest standard of living to the greatest number of people.

Membership in The Chamber is an investment in the community. Businesses are not “joining” an organization, they are “investing” in their business. Membership in The Chamber affords us the opportunity to make the Greater Pompano Beach area a better place in which to live and do business.